American Kismet was started in November 2016 by a world observer hoping to make sense of it all.

By wading into the dialogues we all have with ourselves and with society, current and historical events, and other developments in the global community, this blog aims to provide some insight into this messed up world we made for ourselves. The blog is updated each weekday and is meant to act as a resource for the globally inclined. The author has lived and worked overseas for extended periods, having visited every continent on the globe. The blog has no official connection to any branch of the U.S. Government, although it regularly comments on goings-on in these circles.

Upfront, I admit that I don’t know everything and anyone who tells you otherwise is a fool – the world is constantly changing but through writing I hope to identify historical coincidences and trends and use them as a means to move forward. There is a lovely German word, hintergedanken, which means a thought in the very far far back of your mind. I believe that there is an inherent human nature and experience that connects us all and which I want to explore through my writings.

Materials and documents that I refer to here are all available in the public domain; links and sources are included. While I blog as part of my creative process and internal dialogue, American Kismet does accept online donations so I can do things like buy beer to better lubricate the process.

If you disagree with any of my posts, please feel free to email me directly.  Public discourse is always welcome.  If you feel a rant coming on because your boss is asking you again what is your five-year plan or whatever – feel free to send it here. If there is a topic that you want to write about or are interested in hearing my thoughts on, you’re always welcome to send it in.


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